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Kempo Karate

In our kempo karate programs students as young as three years old learn kempo karate, self-defence, sparring, and basic weapons. Students will develop self-confidence and self-esteem while improving their overall physical and mental fitness.

Available as group or private classes.


In our kickboxing program students learn combative kickboxing skills. In this class students will receive a vigorous work out while learning new sparring skills. Students will be able to put to use these applications in a controlled competitive environment.


Available as group or private classes.

Kubota Training

As part of our regular program you will learn bo and escrima.  There is also the opportunity to learn other weapons including but not limited to  sai, tonfa, sword, cane, and nunchuku.


Available as group or private classes.

Tai Chi

An internal martial art that is excellent for all age groups.  This low-impact style will improve your physical and mental well-being. 


Also available by private bookings (individual or group).

Personal Training

For those individuals who wish to get in shape.  Programs are uniquely designed for each individual.  


Having the ability to conquer stress is something we all need in our lives.  In this course participants will gain the ability to do that.  They will learn what stress is and gain knowledge of techniques to use so that their personal and professional lives become more productive and satisfying.


Call 705-428-KICK or email to book your course or for more information.


Industry Specific Training

Self-defence is a must-have course for all employees.  Depending on your specific profession we have the right course for you.   Providing your employees with proper training by certified individuals is essential.  Participants have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that keep them safe while performing the duties of their professions.


Current courses include:

  • Realtors

  • Teachers

  • Education Assistants

  • Health Care Workers

  • Security

  • Law Enforcement

Need a course designed for your specific industry?  Call 705-428-KICK or email and we can do that for you. 

Women's Self-Defence

The course that could save your life.  This course is designed for all women regardless of physical capabilities. Participants will learn practical techniques with common sense being applied throughout. 


Call 705-428-KICK or email to book your course or for more information

K-9 Self-Defence

Dogs are experts at reading our body language because that is their primary means of communication. In turn, they are constantly sending us messages through their body language, which we often either misinterpret or miss altogether, leading to a chance of being hurt. This four- hour seminar is designed to teach individuals how to:

· Read canine body language

· Quickly assess the intentions of an approaching dog

· Avoid errors when being approached by a hostile dog

· Defuse a display of aggression directed towards you

· Defuse a display of aggression directed towards your dog

· Protect yourself should an attack become unavoidable


As with all self- defence training, you hope you never need to use it but everyone should know it.   This course is designed not only to teach you how to protect yourself and your dog against an unavoidable dog attack, but how to recognize and defuse a possibly volatile situation in order to avoid an attack altogether


Call 705-428-KICK or email to book your course or for more information.

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