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JUNE 2023

Welcome to the month of June! Our month to celebrate fathers, the arrival of summer, and a great time to train.


Showcase is this month! June 10, 2023 at the Thornbury dojo located within the Marsh Street Centre. The show begins promptly at 10:30am, so all students must be there by 10:15am. Please come prepared with everything you need. Make sure that you are focusing extra on showcase while you are in your pracctice time at home. If you are doing a partner demo, make sure that you get together to practice as well. Spectators need to register at so that we can have numbers for chair set-up. There is no cost.


June 24, 2023, we will be doing our classes at the Thornbury dojo instead of Collingwood as part of Clarksburg Kidsfest. We will meet at the Marsh Street Centre at 11:30am and class will start at noon. We will be doing an interactive demo class and it will take place at Lions Park (across the street from the dojo). You won’t need to sign up on picktime for this one, just show up. This is going to be a super fun day!


July 01, 2023 we will be performing a demo in Creemore in the evening. Please confirm with Soke if you are able to attend. More details will be emailed later this month.


New schedule is in effect starting June 01, 2023. Collingwood classes won’t change until July. In July and August you may wear Maizis Martial Arts Academy t-shirts with your gi pants and obis to class. These t-shirts can be ordered at Maizis Martial Arts Academy ( Summer is a great time to train. Studies show that students that train in the summer excel not only in their martial arts, but in all aspects of their lives. This summer we will be having several beach days. A separate email will be sent with the days and locations.


There are many that are forgetting to sign up for their classes. It is mandatory to do so as this is how we keep track of attendance and to notify people of any last minute changes to specific classes (besides using the Remind App).


IMPORTANT Please remember when you are attending the Hombu to come straight up the driveway and park on an angle in a south-east direction. If you are dropping off, please stay to the inside of the circle and pay attention to people arriving for the next class. This will avoid any traffic jams. Thank you for your co-operation.


Mark your calendars. There will be no classes June 10 due to showcase! There will be no classes June 15, 2023.  There will be no classes Canada Day, July 01, 2023, however, we will be doing a demo in Creemore that evening.


Tournaments: June 03, 2023 – Waterloo, ON, June 24, 2023 – Toronto, ON If you are interested in attending any of these events, please talk to Soke.


Join the Remind App if you haven't already, to keep you up to date on all dojo information. Class codes are: Stayner @stayner, Thornbury @thornburyd, and Collingwood @cwooddojo.


“Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you choose to make.” ~ Rick Warren

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